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Hi everyone ! Welcome to the Private AionUS Online Server.

I introduce to your guy the new Private Game Server Aion v.5.3 . Now, I just repair for everything go through more smoothly. So you guys can download the client and register at my home page. My server will be officially opened on Feb/01/2017 00:00 am. You guy can follow the countdown clock at top there. Thank!
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admin | 09.1.2017, 10:39:54 | News
Cause we are new here so we give every new Account Open or Register from Feb/01/2017 - Feb/10/2017 FREE 2000 AionUS Coins. Hope you guy can enjoin this server in Future. And anyways we have the forum, you guy can help me to report all your problem, we can help you out.
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admin | 01.2.2017, 14:02:49 | News